Why Take the August SAT?!?

The College Board introduced the August SAT in 2017. My students who took it last year were happy with the results.

I believe there are two reasons to at least consider taking the August SAT:

  • Junior year and fall of senior year are exceptionally busy times for most students. Knocking off the SAT means one fewer time commitment and one fewer worry.
  • The curve is generous. The two biggest groups sitting for the August SAT are:
    • Rising seniors who didn’t get the best scores in March, May, or June, and
    • Rising juniors, many of whom are taking the SAT with minimal preparation “to see what it’s like”.

A well-prepared student should rise to the top on the August SAT.

In 2018, the August SAT will be given on Saturday, the 25th.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss whether or not the August SAT is a good option for you (or your child).

Enjoy the summer!

Jeff Urdang


(203) 536-2011